Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter One

The dirt path had no real use, it was just there. Nothing ever used the path except dingy animals and the undertakers. The woods surrounding the path were deep and protected by the local animal rescue center. A large, six foot fence protected it. The trees in cased in the large fenced area were large and towered over the path and cemetery. They were oaks and red wood trees, not native to the town were planted long ago. About half a mile away from the woods and the abandoned path was a middle school.
Being in walking distance of the cemetery bothered many children and staff. But soon disclosed them as childish fears, seeing as nothing could happen. The school, like the rest of the town, was old and almost forgotten on the map.
It had been built in 1967 and was the only school in the hundred acres of the town. It was a one room school house, rare in the 2000's but not unheard of. The school was a bloody red and had three large bay windows, two double doors and many desks, chairs and book cases.
In the corner was a writing desk, reminded most people of the old riddle. (How is a Raven like a writing desk?)
It was a black almost charred wooden pieces, it sat collecting dust and other substances. It overlooked the woods and tinted the view of the path. See how it connects? Many children would refuse to sit at the old thing, saying it was evil and so was the path. Teachers had to force a few kids to sit there, but in the end failed fruitlessly.
In 1983, a child was found dead, covered in blood and lacerations. The corpse lye in the middle of the school house, his fingers pointing at the writing desk. He was covered in the sticky liquid, cuts and bruises covering his bared arms and legs. His face was swollen and his lip split. A teacher found him early one morning, the janitor had not made his rounds that night, aspiring suspicion. When the janitor and teacher were questioned, they held heavy alibis. The teacher, working on a previous test many students had taken. The janitor, on a mandatory suspension with the board members.
Four days later on August 24, 1983, the child was identified as Aarron Amira. The odd part? He did not attend the school, he lived in a town over two hundred miles away. He had not been reported missing. When asking his parents, they had seen him the night before the murder.